Do you have a unique perspective on how to build healthy routines? Are you interested in mindful research? Are you just inspired?

If you would be interested in contributing articles to this blog, we are accepting contributors! Please follow the guidelines below, and we’ll consider your post:

  • Word Count: 500 – 800
  • Topics:
    • Motivation
    • Routines/Habits
    • Mindfulness
    • Creativity and Hobbies
    • Saving and Building a Future
    • Health
    • Cooking on a Budget
    • Fitness on a Budget
    • Psychology/Depression/Anxiety
  • Content:
    • How-Tos
    • Listicles
    • Research summary and commentary
    • Philosophy of habit/Essay
    • Health/Foodie advice
  • Remember:
    • Avoid being promotional, do not link to a website that sells your own product
    • Keep it positive: this is a site to promote healthy, holistic living
    • Articles with a political bent will not be considered
    • Any research must be cited and must come from a reliable source (we don’t need a “fake news” situation on our hands)
  • Note: We will review any articles submitted and reserve the right to request edits or reject the content
  • We do not currently have a paid program for article contribution, however you may include a short byline including a link back to your blog or business at the end of the post.

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