STOP Waiting Until You’re Skinny to Let Yourself Be Happy

When you think about all the things you wish you could change about your life and how to get started doing them – does the thought process go a little like: “First, I’ll work out every day for six months and lose 30 pounds, and then I’ll be happy enough to x, y, z and the other eighty things I want”.

Does it?

How long have you been waiting behind that road block, getting so down about not being thin or fit enough to feel confident about your lifestyle?

For me, it has been years. Years of wanting to be happier and healthier, but feeling the only way I could get there was by first losing weight and attaining some level of beauty or fitness that would pave the way to everything else I want.

It’s a hard corner to turn – but we have to do it. Waiting for the toughest one of my goals to become a reality to really do anything about the rest, is not only an inefficient way to achieve goals, but it’s also just a waste of your life and your energy! Here’s how to get started:

Realize you’ve made some pretty arbitrary rules about your life

Those rules you feel like you have to adhere to – the ones saying how much you should weigh, how much money you should make, how your relationships should look and feel, you made those rules for yourself or you inherited them from your life growing up or the society you live in. Let those go.

Start something new, today.

Have you been waiting to update your wardrobe until you drop ten pounds? Waiting to start a new hobby until you really made exercise or skinniness a habit? Forget about waiting. Choose one of the other things – the travel, the wardrobe, the cooking, the drawing, the painting, the new cleaning routine – choose one and do that! Your list of habits you wish you had – they don’t have an order. Empower yourself to start in the middle of your list!

Build acceptance and gratitude into your mindset

Yeah, you may not be skinny, or fit, or the tidiest, or the craftiest. That actually doesn’t matter nearly as much as you think it does. Find the things you love about yourself, and allow those arbitrary rules to not matter as much. Accept where you are in your life (YOUR life, don’t let comparison to others sneak in here) and be grateful for the motivation, even just the basic ability, to move forward and try new things.


Stop letting something you can’t control hold you back. Don’t make your happiness dependent on your weight! When looking for motivation, try to get motivated for specific actions, not a dream of the perfect body or perfect house. You can do this! Start now!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve been waiting to start on a dream because of an “it would be different if I were x” mindset, and how you could get started without it.

Tools for Success

You don’t need things to get going, but I am obsessed with notebooks and planning, and this blog is supported by links that give us a little commish when you buy :). These two items in particular were so helpful in getting me started on my path:

Think, sketch, quote, plan
On the search for acceptance

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  1. Thank you for sharing this article! There is so much I can’t control, I need to start small. Thank you for reminding me. 😏

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